Health Benefits of Physical Therapy Free Informative Guide


Physical therapy, in a nutshell, is a hands-on therapeutic practice that deals with body mobility, pain reduction and health improvement in individuals. It combines medicinal and rehabilitative specialty to remediate physical impairments like headache, spinal pain, sports injuries, fractures, post-surgical rehabilitation, musculoskeletal problems, arthritic conditions, biomechanical problems, neurological disorders, and cardiothoracic conditions, just to name a few. One who performs the therapy is known as a physical therapist or sometimes a physiotherapist. A thorough diagnosis is performed prior to the selection of the treatment needed by the patient. Diagnosis helps physical therapists determine the signs, symptoms, cause and the seriousness of the disease being treated.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are specifically trained to perform manual therapy, which may include massage, joint mobilization, physical exercise and muscle stretching. Therapy techniques may widely vary, depending on the type of the physical impairment in the patient. Manual skills also comprise the use of different modalities, such as hot packs, ice, TENS, E-stim, ultrasound and laser treatment. These modalities are often employed to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Many physical therapists use acupuncture and trigger point therapy to reduce pain and to improve body functionality. Below are some proven benefits of physical therapy that you can’t afford to miss:

  • Joint ache and spinal pain are common impairments in individuals often caused by awkward positioning, sedentary lifestyle, sports injuries, falls and accidents. This may cause unbearable pain and affect the quality of life. Treatment of such ache and pain is now possible with physiotherapy. Physical therapy ensures slow, steady and sustainable healing of such body impairments.

Back Pain Physical Therapy

  • Physiotherapy helps restore a balanced emotional mental state in patients, which is essential for holistic treatment. People inflicted with the requirement of physiotherapy have to bear mental sufferings more than physical at the very outset. Psychological acceptance to work towards healing long term problems requires mental strength, positive approach and perseverance. This is where a physiotherapist plays a crucial role. Physiotherapists know exactly how to deal with emotional turmoil.

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  • Physical exercises involved in physiotherapy helps patients yield multiple benefits. Physiotherapists may recommend a range of physical exercises that restore the body’s impairments and bring your mobility back. Physical exercises provide mental and physical health benefits.

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  • Regular physiotherapy keeps neurological disorders controlled. Neurological disorders come with the growing age. Some of the common disorders found in aged include Parkinson’s disease, Chronic Fatigue, Dementia, Paralysis, etc. Physiotherapy can be a hands-on approach to fight these disorders.

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  • Physiotherapy helps heal cardio pulmonary Issues in the Body. It’s also effective in treating lungs and heart related disease as well as chronic health issues. Guided physiotherapy can be a life changing remedy for patients with different disorders.

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Posted by: Sudipta Ranjan Sahu
Posted on: 07 Oct 2016